All I Wanna Do Is Rock

words & music by dustin parker
©1997 So Thar Music BMI

This is my autobiographical piece. My dad had a talk with me once about what I was going to do with my life
and this is pretty much the whole story the way it is. It took several years before he got it. But eventually
grew to admire my stamina, little did he know Iím just a fool for punishment.

I come into this world swinging like a whirlwind
Screaminí at the top of my lungs
Born in the fifties, when I heard that sound
I had to turn it up when everybody turned it down

All I wanna do is rock,
Lifeís too short to punch another manís clock
I just canít seem to stop,
I wanna roll when Iím old, bop till I drop
All I wanna do is rock

Well my friends back at school said I was a fool
when I quit and walked away from it all.
Now theyíre workiní nine to five tryiní to stay alive
and Iím out here just haviní a ball
When I look back on it now I swear I donít know how
I ever made it out of there alive
Workiní in the bars, stayiní out all night while
my daddy said son youíre just wasting your time


Sometimes I work so hard, I get so tired,
The only way to slow down is to drop.
Itís a young manís game but I play it just the same
I live for the sound of the snare drumís pop.
Nite after nite day after day if I had to do it over
Iíd do the same damn thing
When the going gets tough I take it all in stride,
The roadís a little rough, but itís one hell of a ride.


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