How Do They Sleep At Night?

words & music by dustin parker
©1997 So Thar Music BMI

I was frustrated & thinking about how hard I was having to work to play my music and spending almost no time doing it. I saw this writer on T.V. who engineered his own capture & ransom by a guerilla group in South America in order to write a book which made the best sellers list. Then I started thinking about our poor political leaders we pay to rape us. I find myself continually asking how these people sleep at night.

Iím growing tired of my current occupation
Breakiní my back and it just doesnít pay
Iíve gotta find an easy situation
Thereís got to be a better way

I could be a hostage, write a best selling book
Do the talk T.V. circuit, give Oprah an inside look
Do a made for T.V. movie, just imagine the take
See a foreign country and lose a little weight
I could be a hostage

I could be in Congress, have the world by the balls
Spend your childrenís money, build my own Taj Mahal
Be a friend to special interests, really feather my nest
With inside information I could really invest in Congress
I could be in Congress ....... ohhh I could be in Congress

Itís tough to make it in the world these days
We sell ourselves at what price
You only keep what they canít take away
Tell me ó how do they sleep at night?


Liviní in the White House sure beats Arkansas
You can lie, cheat & steal as the master of it all
Be a living contradiction that crime doesnít pay
Take all you want and then just walk away
I could be a hostage .......ohhh I could be a hostage


Somebody tell me how they sleep at night...
(Repeat 5x & Out)

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