She Loves to Hate Me

words & music by dustin parker
©1997 So Thar Music BMI

Everybody needs a hobby !

I can see it in her eyes every time we meet
I can feel it in her voice every time we speak
She tries to deny it, sheís fooled everyone but me
Her alibiís a sieve and itís easy to see

She loves to hate me, sheíd love to waste me
Sheíd love to take me down, break me in two
She loves to thrill me, walks away, just kill me
Sheíd love to turn back time, start over new

Thereís always been this tension
The struggle for control
Her need to reconstruct me
My resistance to the mold
We started out so simple
I donít know how things got so strange
She loves everything about me
Except the things that she canít change

She only wants me when she canít reach me
She says she needs me every time Iím gone
When Iím around she grows uneasy
I donít know what to do
I donít know what she wants

Solo, Chorus

She loves to hate me
She loves to hate me
ĎCause she hates me
She hates me
She hates me

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