Lee Harvey

words & music by dustin parker
©1996 SoThar Music BMI

Like many Americans, this event has intrigued me all my life. On that day I was home sick from grammar school, and it threw the whole country in a stupor. It was the end of our innocence and I was never satisfied with the Warren Report. I read a lot about the subject and I’m still not.

It was the summer of 1963, when I got the call
It’d been years since I’d heard from my friend Lee
He’d just gotten back from Russia
And he was havin’ a ball
He was makin’ a name for himself in the agency
Lee Harvey

We talked about old times when we were both in the corps
Lee liked the job more than me
It was the closest thing to a family he said he’d ever known
He had something to prove,
someone to be — Lee Harvey

Lee Harvey, life ain’t a party
When you’re coming in from the cold
Don’t take that job at the book depository

Said he’d married a girl from Russia, they had a couple of kids
They were looking for a house, stayin’ with friends
I suggested we get together but he wouldn’t agree
He just laughed and said we’ll just have to see
Lee Harvey

Lee Harvey, life ain’t no party
Spies are cold and callous
Hey, Lee, you better get out of Dallas

It was the fall of 1963, I turned on T.V.
It was the last time I saw my friend Lee
Assassin or a patsy it’s still hard to see
Lee’s life was such a dichotomy
Lee Harvey
Lee Harvey
Lee Harvey ...

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