the End of the Road

words and music dustin parker & Michael Gordon
©1997 So Thar Music BMI / Zakís Dad Music ASCAP

Growing up outside of Memphis, the road I lived on was a dead end. It was a popular parking spot known only as the End of the Road. My mother told me to stay away from there which made me want to go there even more. I didnít know what people did down there. We used to get about five or six kids and wait until the car started rockiní and weíd all run over the top of the car and scare the hell out of the occupants. (Thatíll take the lead out of your pencil !) As a result of my antics, my mother got her wish and I was never good in cars. The last verse relates to the long and winding road.

Looking back when I was young
I couldnít walk, I had to run... straight
To the End of the Road

I never listened to anyone
No one could tell me what had to be done to get down....
To the End of the Road

I had to go down... To the End of the Road
It was there in the distance
I could feel it drawing me close

Someday Iíll know what tomorrow will hold
I was sure it was waiting for me
At the End of the Road

Scared of nothing we hit the curves
In reckless hearts a passion burns
Itís never the End of the Road

There were girls and there were cars
but no concern about going too far
there were scars...down at the End of the Road

Itís never certain where we go from here
You keep one step ahead of your fears...
To the End of the Road

Looking back when I think of the cost
of spent dreams and love lost
Itís a hard way to the End of the Road

A second wind, another chance
More time for one last dance
Iím still running... To the End of the Road

Chorus & Out

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