From This Chair

words & music by dustin parker
©1997 So Thar Music BMI

I wrote this song after seeing a news story on cable intending to help raise money for a charity to buy wheel chairs for kids who couldnít afford them. We are donating the proceeds from this song to St. Judeís Childrenís Hospital.

From this chair, I look out the window
Watching the world as it turns so slow
Children play outside my window
I put on my sweater as it begins to snow

From this chair, I turn on the TV
Watching the world, wondering where it will go
By remote I play roulette on my TV
Surfing the channels today I feel so old

From this chair... Time drags on forever
From this chair... Nothing feels brand new
From this chair... I can take nothing for granted
Thereís only so much I can do


From this chair I do all my reading
Learning things Iím too young to know
So many things Iíd rather be doing
But from this chair...the wheels turn so slow.


From this chair...I do all my reading
Praying for miracles that will change it all
Remind myself that hope is not fleeting
Iíd dance forever...if I could get up from this chair
Up from this chair...up from this chair

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