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Words & Music by Gwill Owen & dustin parker
©1997 Turid Music (Bug Music) / SoThar Music BMI

Gwill & I wrote this in a hotel room outside of Nashville. I was going through the record company mill, and I was relating my experience to the Twilight Zone™.

Stuck in a rut, running in circles, feeling trapped and alone
Is this your real life or just a bad dream?
Maybe the Twilight Zone™
You hear voices in your head at night
and you feel like you wanna kill
Well you’ve just checked in...
To Centerville, Centerville

Too many strangers, you catch them staring,
they quickly look away
Are you slipping, coming unraveled?
Could you be here to stay?
Your memory keeps lapsing, well, maybe it's those pills
Will you ever get out of ....
Centerville, Centerville, Centerville

You fight for every breath you take,
You feel like you’ll implode
Where’s Rod Serling to end this episode....Hey!


Cruisin’ Main Street, drop the top down
It's just the night closing in
This is your real life, not just a bad dream
It's where you’ve always been
It's five degrees and snowing and you kinda like the chill
And you’ve finally found your place in Centerville
And you’re never gonna escape......
Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville

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