Airline Paranoia

words & music by dustin parker
©1997 So Thar Music BMI

I was flying to New Orleans when Lynyrd Skynyrdís plane went down and heard about it on the planeís radio when it happened. Back then you could listen to air traffic on the plane. It always struck me everytime I flew. I wrote this song to get through a bad flight over the Yucatan in a Buddy Holly airplane. Looking down at the blue water (which was littered with planes) was very cathartic.

I never thought about it till we hit 30,000 feet
IĎve got a white knuckled grip and Iím fastened in my seat
Close the shade on the window and I take a few drinks
I lean my chair way back and try to get some sleep
My heartís beatiní fast and my mind canít think
The food really sucks but I continue to eat

Airline Paranoia.....will we ever make it back alive
Airline Paranoia.....Isnít this how Buddy Holly died
Airline Paranoia.....Oh God I hate to fly
Airline Paranoia.....More peanuts please
I get the funny feeling everybodyís stariní at me
Iím the only one here not from the Middle East
Sleep wonít come so I read a magazine
Oh, great - hereís an article on metal fatigue
My heartís beatiní fast, it's getting hard to breathe
Getting off this plane is all I really need

Chorus & Solo

When the plane touches down I breathe a sigh of relief
How we landed on one engine is a mystery
Where my luggage is now only God can tell
Now if I can just survive this airport hell.


No more peanuts ... No more peanuts ...
No more peanuts ......Please
No more peanuts ... No more peanuts ...
No more peanuts ......Please
No more peanuts ... No more peanuts ...
No more peanuts ......Please

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