Tales From Centerville

All songs written by dustin parker except where noted
All songs ©1997 SoThar Music BMI
Produced by dustin parker for Moe Foe Productions
Engineered / Mixed / Mastered by
Sir Charles Piper / Marty Bilecki / dp
Recorded & Mastered at Performance Recording & Sound
in association with oUR House Productions

The Band Is
Dave Benziger / dp
Joe Rocha
Michael Bragg
Background Vocals
The Texas Chainsaw Vasectomy Choir
Piano on “She Loves to Hate Me”
Additional Musicians
Violin ~ “From this Chair”
Rachel Barton
Guitar & Bass ~ “The End of the Road”
John Kelton
Keyboards: Paul Coscino
Additional Guitars on “Mission to the Mall”
Charlie Piper & Gino Martino
Slide Guitar on “Lee Harvey”
Paul Whittenburg
Additional background vocals
Carter Ruehdanz
Special Thanks
To all the people who follow us and buy our stuff.
Keep it up & spread the word — you’re the reason we do this.
Record & Management
Ro & Dave at MaD Records
Nort & Annette Johnson at Scar Management for believing in the songs & the band.
Tony Buffalo & Todd Mizera of Guitar Center
Tom Merrit at Music Center of Kenosha,WI
Gino & Mike of Player Guitars of Oak Lawn, Il.
Amps for the band
Calvin Belt & John Madigan
Writing Buds
Richard Wold ~ Tim Johnson ~ Gary Harrison ~ Michael Gordon ~ Susan Longacre ~ Perry Danos ~ Gwill Owen ~ Johnny Neal ~ Roy Vombrack.
Publishing Biz
Clay Bradley & LouAnn & Ima Withers at BMI Nashville
Tom “Swifty” Swift, Michael Merrick.
Radio Kings
Buzz Kilman for years of friendship. ~ Steve Dahl ~ Scott Derks.
Beverages & Etc
Danielle Bennett, Kris and Grant Whiteman of Jack Daniels (keep the flow!)
Stacy Kaat ~ Leslie Bastian
Science Officer & CD Artwork
Brian “Bucko” Brazda
Graphics Help
Chris Bonk ~ Keith Daneck
Kirk Hess of Hess Motors of Quincy, Il. for our van.
Light & Sound
Marty Bilecki of Performance Sound.
Supreme Thanks
John Ertl ~ Dan Seibert ~ Mark Bruno. John Kelton for years of tutelage. I owe you big time brother more than I could ever repay. Jon & Sandra Martens for life saving support.
Nightly Support
Beth Lytle ~ Jim Flannagan ~ Leslie Bastian ~ Jack Island ~ Denise McGowan ~ Professor Bill Hahn. & John Curtis ~ Laura Johnston
Thick & Thin
Joe Rocha ~ Michael Bragg ~ Gary Bernal ~ Leslie Bastian ~ Taylor & Maureen ~ Greg Marsh. ~ Todd Donnelly & Myers ~ the Cassidys ~ Dave Benziger ~ Doug Murphy ~ Paul Whittenburg ~ Dick Redman & C ~ H ~ T.
Xtra Thanks to my family for all your love & support.
Elohem, for guidance & blessings.

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