Home Page Special Thanks
I thank God first in all things for the precious gifts he has given me. To him I give all the Honor and Glory. To: Michael for being the big brother, any bratty little sister would love. Debbie, I treasure our friendship and the laughter through thick and thin. I Love Ya. Beth & Dave: You are better friends than words can express. For love & laughs: Susan, my cherished sister. L.O.Z. for keeping me grounded. In faith & friendship, I love you all. To Mary Hallan-FioRito: Thanks for all your help - you’re the best! Great Uncle Mike, God’s Blessings to you for our “God Bless America” Duet. Thanks again, Alex Ganz for makeup, Autumn Romano for hairstyle!

Xtra Special Thanks
Gramma Sue: for always showing through your example the strength, faith & love For our family,and for the unconditional love you’ve so freely given. I Love You. To my adorable children: Caitlin, Colin and Connor. “I love you more than pickles” To John: You have made all my dreams come true, God Bless and Keep You. Thanks to my writers and musicians for helping to create inspirational music that moves my heart. To Charlie Piper for your talent and dedication. To Marty Bileki for your dedication and help making this album happen. To Dustin Parker, who has poured his heart and soul into this project. “You have worked so tirelessly to get the message out. Thank you for unfolding my wings so I can fly and begin and to soar - You are the best!” God Bless You.

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