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Lead Vocals Maria Johns
Background Vocals Lisa Camp, Bo Pallisard, Gino Martino,dp
Guitars Paul Whittenberg, Dave Benziger, Cornell Colvin, dp
Keyboards Cliff Dubose
Bass Joe Rocha
Drums Bo Pallisard
Percussion John Jaris

Available on

525 Echo Lane
Palatine, IL 60067


The Album

Thank You



Maria’s Story
In January of 1994, during the pregnancy of her third child, Maria was stricken with a life threatening lung disease. Several different hospitals concurred on the diagnosis of her illness. Five doctors tried to persuade her to abort her unborn child and have a double lung transplant. They felt it was her only hope. Maria flatly refused. She found doctors at Loyola Hospital who shared her moral views on abortion. Maria would spend the last 4 months of her pregnancy there in Loyola’s care. Their goal was try to keep her alive long enough to deliver her baby and keep her as comfortable as possible. Her medical condition only deteriorated as her pregnancy continued. Kidney disease, enlarged liver, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, a blood clot in her right arm and barely functioning lungs brought her closer to the end of her young life. After many months of prayer and suffering, Maria went into labor six weeks early. Three hours later, she delivered Connor, her Child of Hope - a healthy 5 pound 15 oz. baby boy. Later that day Maria began to breathe on her own. Her recovery amazed the doctors and nurses at Loyola. Maria took her baby home 2 days later. Even in her darkest hour Maria’s faith in God never left her. This was the beginning of her ministry, to be a Voice for God. God has given us all special gifts and calls us to serve. We pray this message will be a blessing in your life.

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